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 Clarkston Georgia is the most ethnically diverse square mile in the U.S. There are families here from Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Iraq, Somalia, Congo, Central African Republic, and many more. There are many religions represented here; Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu etc… And there are families here standing ready to work hard and succeed in the U.S. In our experience nothing helps these families succeed like having American friends. One man after hearing about Family to Family looked at me and said “That’s actually really simple” and it is. We are here to help you develop a friendship with a warm and welcoming family. That’s it.

If you know how to be an American, are a generally kind and caring individual, love to learn and are willing to share the gospel and disciple people who may need it… You are perfectly qualified and we’d love to have you! If you have cross-cultural experience, ESL skills, language skills etc.. that is icing on the cake but not required!

We take for granted all that we know and how much it could affect the lives of these precious families. If you’d like to meet one of our families there are several ways we can make that happen.

  1. We offer assimilation classes/events every couple of months where someone like you can come and share a skill. Some of our passed classes have been – Winter safety – How to make macaroni and cheese – Free Tax Preparation etc… We’re planning more all the time and can plan around YOU! If you have a skill you’d like to share please let me know! 
  2. If your availability allows you can connect with a family. We ask that you commit to 4 months but many people renew their commitment over and over. It’s hard not to fall in love with this city and the people in it. 
  3. You can come on a Mission 24 or extended stay mission trip with your church to meet some refugees and get to know the community.

Come and be a Friend! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Click here for the application

 Click here for the Core Values worksheet – to be completed after application is accepted



  1. We are interested in bringing a team on a week long mission trip. Could you get in touch with me with information on what opportunities are available. Please contact me.

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