Serve With Us

Interested in bringing a team to work with us?  No matter where you’re from we welcome you to come spread the good news of Christ to the nations.  Teams come year-round and minister in many different ways; Backyard Bible Clubs, Prayer Walking, House Visitation, Cultural Assimilation, Creative Arts, etc.  See the list below to discover how you can serve.  We host teams for one day (Mission 24) or extended stay (3-7 days).  If you are interested in coming to Atlanta we ask that you fill out the request form!  Click below for more details.

NOTE: Our Summer 2018 schedule is 100% full, but there are still dates available for Fall 2018. Please see our calendar to see available dates. 

I want to know… 

What can I do?      Where do I stay?      What are the costs?     

How do I register?      Who will I work with?      

What people groups are there?      How do I get there?

 Please see the FAQ page for more information or post a question below.


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