What Can I Do?

Teams and volunteers that come minister in a variety of ways.  The ministry of RTN has a two-fold purpose.  First to share the Gospel and minster to the needs of the people.  Second to make disciples and train others to do so.  Please keep what you do very simple and reproducible.  Remember, stay flexible!  See below for details.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Many people in this area need help improving their English skills. Work with one of our ESL instructors, and help the refugees practice conversational English.

Backyard Bible Clubs
Backyard Bible Clubs (BBC’s) are an hour and a half long event in an apartment Block Partycommunity among children who live there.  Often parents come out, however the primary ministry is to children.  The optimal time is after lunch and late afternoon due to the make up of the community.  BBC’s generally consist of four things: Bible Story, Craft, Snacks, Recreation. 


Bible StoryBecause of the religious backgrounds of the children we ask that you consult with us IMG_3174before you decide what to teach.    Stories need to be short and no longer than 8 minutes long.  Storytelling is a creative art and can be done in many ways; drama, animation, pictures, etc.  We recommend for larger groups of children to break them up into groups.

CraftsNot a necessity but helpful in explaining the Bible Story or simply leaving something behind in the hands of the children.  The crafts do not have to be elaborate but something the children can take home to remember the story.

Snacks- Snacks should be very simplistic.  Kool-aid and cookies are fantastic!  Please be sure to bring trashbags.

Recreation- Soccer, frisbees, water games in the summer.  Again, very simple.


Cultural Assimilation- Refugees are given a 90 day crash course on American culture by resettlement agencies.  There is often a greater need for further cultural assimilation.  Cultural Assimilation consists of brief classes and seminars on adaptation to American culture.  Classes are very basic and provide a way to make contacts and minister in a practical way.  Classes can be taught on anything necessary but include: money management, furthering education, health education, ESL, cooking, tax preparation, do’s and dont’s of American culture.  Please consult with us before picking a topic.

House Visitation-
House visitation includes visiting and ministering to new refugee families, following up on Gospel presentations, praying for IMG_3928families, and sharing culture.  Take note that most families are very hospitable and will probably offer you food and/or drink.  We encourage you to eat what is placed before you.  In most cases translators will be provided.  

Prayer Walking- RTN takes prayer very seriously!  We are in constant need of prayer walking teams to come and sow prayers all throughout the city.  Prayer walking teams are generally teams of three or four people that are sent into the streets, apartment communities, and other areas to pray for the area, people, and for those to come.  We are constantly amazed at what we see happen as a result of prayer walking teams!  

Creative Arts- Creative arts teams are typically teams that bring a special skill or talent such as puppets, 2music, drama.  These teams typically work with a church or in the context of a Backyard Bible Club.

Other ideas are welcome, please consult with us first!  You may post a question or comment below.


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  1. I would like to get involve with this ministry in whichever way I can, either by evangelism or by planting international churches/ministries. Please response… God bless.
    Jimmy Gargar

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