Costs and Registration


If your team paSummer_1rticipates in a Mission 24, the cost of the trip is $25 per person. This amount covers the cost of 3 meals and the cost of your stay. A $100 Non-refundable deposit is needed a month in advance for Mission 24 groups. Failure to submit a deposit could forfeit desired mission trip dates.

If you decide to participate in an Extended Trip (3-7 nights) and are staying in a church partnered with Reach the Nations, the cost for lodging is $8.50 per night, per person.  RTN charges $6.50 per person, per night, to cover our administrative expenses in hosting a team.  Meal costs are not included. Thus, the total for 3-7 night trips are $15 per night, per person. RTN asks for one third of the total trip cost, 6 weeks prior, for 3 -7 night trips as a non-refundable deposit.

All remaining fees for Mission 24 or Extended Stay trips are to be paid on or before the day of arrival. Please make checks payable to: Reach the Nations, PO Box 831373, Stone Mountain, GA 30083.




  1. I am an assistant youth leader at my church and I have a small group of high school girls interested in doing a mission trip. Any info is greatly appreciated!!

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