Pray With Us

RTN believes in the power of prayer in Jesus’ name.  We are committed to praying for our people, community, and world.  Below you will find a list of prayer concerns that you can join us with in prayer.

If you are interested in committing to be a prayer partner (receiving an updated more in-depth prayer list periodically) you can click here to sign up or fill out the form below!


RTN Prayer Needs and Requests

1. Pray for our Pastor
Our pastor seeks diligently to submit himself to the will of God and His direction.  Please pray for his family, health, and spirit as he seeks to follow Christ and be a good shepherd of the people God gives him.

2. Home Fellowships

Please pray for our home fellowship which meets every week.  RTN plans to start new home fellowships as God directs.  Pray for God to raise up leaders.

3. Family to Family

Pray for more families to connect with refugees in the area in order to offer friendship and support.

4. Children & Youth

Please pray for more children’s workers to assist with children on Sunday. Also, pray for a youth worker who has an understanding of different cultures.

5. Community
Please pray for the communities and leaders of Stone Mountain and Clarkston.  Our community is filled with different faiths, people, and needs.  Pray for God to heal, restore, and set them free for His glory.

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Luke 10:2

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