Community Ministries

English as a Second Language (ESL)
The majority of our neighborhood speaks a primary language other than English. RTN offers periodic ESL classes to the refugee community.

Building Bridges

Getting settled into a new country can be hard!  Building Bridges is a ministry designed to partner people who have adapted to American culture with new incoming refugee families to help them learn how to live here.  We’ll train you, partner you, and turn you loose.  So come be a friend with a new refugee. Building Bridges Form

Cultural Assimilation
Due to a large number of refugees and internationals, RTN offers assimilation classes periodically in the community.  Classes may include information related to citizenship, budgeting and tax preparation, cultural taboos, education, etc.  If you have a skill or a “know how” let us know!

Holistic Ministries
RTN believes in taking care of the whole person. Therefore, RTN  seeks to not only provide spiritual nourishment but physical and material care when possible.  This will include ministries such as distribution of food, clothing, afterschool tutoring, utility assistance, transportation, and business and networking classes for the

Cultural Celebrations
Because we want to celebrate our diversity and meet people where they are RTN hosts celebrations for all peoples related to their cultures.

Visitations and Welcomes
RTN desires to be a first responder church.  If a new refugee family arrives, RTN desires to be a welcoming agent in their new community.   RTN seeks to partner with refugee agencies to provide visitations to new families.

Campus Ministry
Being in the neighborhood of two heavily diverse college campuses, RTN desires to see a college ministry to the students at these universities.  These ministries may include Bible studies, tutoring, etc.

Short Term Teams
RTN utilizes the missional hearts of partnering churches who desire to send short term teams in for ministry.  These teams work alongside of a local pastor in a strategic area performing duties of prayer walking, Backyard Bible Clubs, gospel sowing visitations, and other various ministries.  Teams will be accompanied by a ministry leader or pastor so that follow-up can be made.


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