img_4030Milestone  “an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.” RTN landed a major milestone in 2018 with a majority International leadership team.  For the first time in its history the church is seeing the the fruit of long-term investment of cross cultural discipleship.  Worship leader, Adeel Emmanuel From Pakistan, is leading the monthly leadership devotional time. His topic? The necessity of making biblical disciples.  Emmanuel recently became the owner of his own company, Deal wireless.

Every member of the leadership team is required to be disciplining other believers and being accountable for pursuing evangelistic opportunities.


Aestar Michael helping lead an Urdu House Church.  Photo By: Carson Greggors

It doesnt matter what kind of organization you are in, you must raise up the person behind you if you want to survive as an organization. The church today as we know it only exist because Jesus first disciples made more disciples.  And biblically, we have the same command from Christ.” – Adeel Emmanulle

Sitting next to him is Augustine Buziraboba from the Congo. He delivered a message on the last communion Sunday as Pastor Bill Johnson visited a partner in church in Birmingham.   Earlier in the day at the leadership meeting Augustine spent time encouraging and pouring in to other African members within the body and delivering a benevolence offering to a Congolese family who desperately needs the gospel of Jesus.

Also sitting at the table is Aster, another believer from Pakistan who was baptized within the church. She asks for prayer for some coworkers to whom she is sharing the gospel.  She is now a regular volunteer and worker at a local ministry dedicated to assisting refugee women through pregnancy.

RTN now hosts five discipleship groups that are faithfully committed to making disciples of all nations.  

Every day people are growing in the faith here. We have people that are desperately desiring to take this message back to their homelands. I believe this is what happens when we lead Gods people into a biblical discipleship relationship.” – Bill Johnson

RTN understands that its not about a Sunday morning service but about making disciples.  Beginning its third service, and English only gathering, RTN understands that Sundays are a display of what God is really doing through discipleship Monday through Saturday.  As the church seeks to see every member in a discipleship relationship, pray for its leaders as they take the first steps in fulfilling the Great Commission.


Free Tax Clinic

Year-End-Tax-Planning-for-Individuals-300x201In efforts to help end massive tax fraud in Clarkston, GA, RTN will be hosting a one day free tax clinic on Feb. 24th  To schedule an appointment visit our office at 751 N. Indian Creek Dr.  Apt 273 Clarkston, GA 30021 or call/text 404-692-3786.

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Multiplying Leaders and Hope in 2018

img_3435.jpgAugustine Buziraboba of Congo and Pamphile Amoloma of Central African Republic, finished out the year at RTN preaching a message of hope for 2018.  Following two break-ins in 2017 (one on Christmas Day) a message of hope and blessing was quite fitting.  Buziraboba received his Bible degree in Congo and will preach more in 2018 when he’s not translating.  Though his first language is Swahili, he gave his message in English which was then translated into French.  He and translator Amoloma have been outstanding assests towards the growth of RTN.

Amoloma arrived to the US in the spring of 2017 and is now hosting a weekly Bible Study in his home.  He is a faithful and regular attendee of RTN and serves in the minstry of translation.

As RTN moves into the Clarkston Community Center in 2018 as a regular place to gather the hope is that through the service of men like Buziraboba and Amoloma the gospel of love and hope will be heard more clearly and effectively to those in need.

A Double Portion of Apartments!

lakesAfter praying for several seasons at RTN, God has blessed us this month with two free apartments in Clarkston!  However, I’m amazed at what God has taught us through it.

There were once two brothers.  They were twins.  God had promised to bless the second born although traditionally the firstborn would have received the birthright.  The younger one, a deceiver, did what he did best and tricked the blind father into blessing him.  This caused a huge rift in the brothers relationship.  It happened because the younger one went about his own way to get what God was going to give him anyway.

You know, sometimes we go about our own way to get what God wanted to give us. (more…)

A Reflection of Charlottesville

In light of what has so tragically happened in our nation over the days past, I cannot help but reflect upon what has dominated the heart of man since the beginning of time: Racism.  As marchers protested the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue, some were heard shouting anti-Semitic statements and were found marching out with the state of mind that one race is superior to another. (more…)