A note from Pastor Bill…

We want to thank all of you who have been praying for me and our church over the last few mIMG_3086onths.  I stopped to thank God last Sunday as I watched our workers pulling out extra chairs as our attendance continues to grow.

On Mother’s Day we had a full house as we celebrated, ate, prayed and saw God bless us.  In the last month, our Sunday morning attendance and Wednesday small group attendance has doubled in size.   There is a freshness and an excitement among our people.   I cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do next.



An Important Decision

Amy_AndreOne of our oldest RTN youth recently made the most important decision of his life. Andre decided to give his life to Christ. For a few weeks Andre has asked if there would be a time he and I could talk about what’s going on in his heart. I’ve seen a lot of spiritual growth in Andre and can really see that he understands what it means to give his life to the Lord. Andre approached me on Sunday and said, “Ms. Amy, I understand what Jesus did for me like we talked about in class. Can we talk today?” (more…)

“Only Jesus Saves”

IMG_3064This summer RTN had two returning interns – Mary and Mary Margaret, and three new interns – Brandon, Melanie, and Will.  For the three new interns, this was their first time participating in missions.  The success of this summer would not have been possible without all of their hard work.

It is important to note that this summer at RTN was much more than just worship services and even small groups.  It’s more than events, work projects, and hosting teams.  This summer, as in every season, is about relationships.  Below is one example:

About mid-summer, Brandon was visiting with a group of Bosnian men.  One man was a identified himself as a Christian named “Dan” while the rest were Muslim.  During the visit Brandon discovered that one of the Muslim men, “Jay,” is a diabetic and according to doctors was about to lose his foot. Brandon’s initial thoughts were to pray for healing, so he asked all the men to lay hands on Jay’s foot and begin to pray.  Praying in love, Brandon simply asked God for healing for Jay.

After praying, Dan told Jay that he needed Jesus.  He told him that “only Jesus can save you.  Only Jesus saves.  Money can’t save you but Jesus can.  Everything else is temporary.”  Brandon went further to explain that, “Muhammad didn’t raise anyone from the dead, nor did he make blind see or the lame walk.  Muhammad didn’t ascend into heaven nor was he exalted to the throne of God.”  Jay shaking his head in disbelief went on to tell them that if he became a Christian, his family would disown him and his friends would desert him.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, Brandon told him that Jesus says if anyone loves his mother and father more than him then he is not fit for the Kingdom of God.  Brandon went further to explain the way of salvation but Jay remained bound by his beliefs.  The visit soon ended and Brandon left.

Later in the week Brandon saw Jay again.  Jay was excited and told Brandon, “I am a Christian now and I love your Jesus!”  Jay told Brandon he was no longer concerned about his friends and family disowning and deserting him.  Then, he invited Brandon to his house to share what made him change.  Once there, Jay’s son told Brandon that the doctors were now telling Jay his foot no longer had to be removed that it had healed. His son went further to explain that after the doctor’s visit, Jay began to cry and say, “I love you Jesus.”

Throughout the remainder of the summer, Brandon continued to visit Jay and build on his relationship and share more about Jesus.  However, towards the end of the summer Jay began doubting his new faith.  He expressed confusion and difficulty with leaving his cultural of faith that had meant so much to him.

Therefore, we ask that you would pray for “Jay.”  Pray that God would give him peace and confidence to be able to walk in his new faith.  Pray that he is able to withstand any persecution that may come his way as a result of his new faith.


Camp pic 2The RTN kids enjoyed a wonderful week of camp that exceeded all campers’ expectations! Eight year old Banane’s wish going into camp was to get to do a cannonball in the pool. Just one cannonball and he would be content. Banane got to do his cannonball along with a mixture of soccer, rope courses, music, canoeing, archery, rock climbing, games, and Bible stories. Not one student left a day of Camp-All-American disappointed. The van rides back to Clarkston were quite energetic as kids shared stories from their day and tried to see who could best remember their teams’ chant. (I think Ms. Amy has them all memorized by now!)

camp pic 4

“The most meaningful part for me as their teacher was knowing that every day our kids were surrounded by a great group of peers and counselors who were pouring in spiritually to our students. They had such a rich experience! Thank you for investing in the lives of our kids by helping make our week at camp possible! Several of us are already talking about next year!”

-Amy Berry, Children’s Coordinator

camp pic 5