Free Tax Clinic 2018

Year-End-Tax-Planning-for-Individuals-300x201In efforts to help end massive tax fraud in Clarkston, GA, RTN will be hosting a one day free tax prep clinic on Feb. 24th.  To schedule an appointment visit our office at 751 N. Indian Creek Dr.  Apt 273 Clarkston, GA 30021 or call/text 404-692-3786.  You may also email us at

Why?  – Because integrity and Godliness matter.  We want our city to be protected from mass amounts of tax fraud.  We also believe that God blesses godly behavior.  Tax fraud is theft from the government.  Sure, you may receive a bigger income from an illegal tax prepartion.  But, you will miss the long-term blessings and peace that comes from honoring the Lord with your money.  Plus, you could end up owing mass amounts of money or go to jail.

Who? – Certified and Professional Tax Accountants from Christ Covenant Church in Buckhead will assist refugees, immigrants, and all who desire to have their taxes done with integrity.

Where? – At RTN’s new office located at 751 North Indian Creek Dr. Apt. 273 Clarkston, GA 30021.  Otherwise known as The Lakes apt 273.

When? – From 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

How?  Stop by the Lakes apt to schedule an appointment or sign up on-line next week.

What do I bring? – Make sure to bring last year’s tax return, your social security cards (for all children and spouse), your ID, and your W-2?

How much will I get back?  – That depends on how much you’ve made, how many children you have, and what you are claiming.  For more legal information on tax laws and income please visit