Core Values

Core Values

Doctrinal Integrity:  The Holy Bible is the inerrant word of God.  God’s word is to be carefully examined and presented in truth.

Kingdom Inclusive Worship:  We believe in the worshiping together of all nations.  Worship is a life-changing encounter with God.  It is expressed through lifestyle and therefore everything should be an act of worship.  God deserves our worship as living sacrifices.

Missional Discipleship:  RTN believes in fulfilling the great commission and making disciples of all nations.  RTN believes in Biblical discipleship where disciples make disciples.  Every born again believer has been gifted for the purposes of edifying the body of Christ and serving.  We believe God is seeking worshipers among all peoples and we desire to go where they are being sought.

Indigenous Church Planting:  RTN believes that church planting is the best means of discipleship and missions.  Because RTN believes in taking the Gospel where it is not, our church plants should be led by indigenous believers who know the culture and language of the local people.  RTN will labor to evangelize, train, and create ownership of indigenous church planters.

Pursuing Justice:  RTN believes that God has called His church to pursue justice among all peoples in the world, for the unborn, and for those who cannot stand for themselves.


Empowerment: RTN believes that in Christ is every spiritual blessing to accomplish His will for our lives. As we minister sacrificially among the most vulnerable and needy, RTN will labor to see its body and those among whom it ministers empowered to stand on their own and not stripped of the call to responsibility—physically, materially, or spiritually.

Excellence – Though we must remain flexible, we do all things for the glory of God.  We believe in giving our best effort to ministry, people, and worship.


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