Pastor Bill’s 101 Reasons“IN ALL THINGS GIVE THANKS….”

1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us to “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

I challenged our church this season to come up with 100 reasons to be thankful. Surprisingly, some of our visitors told me about their lists before our members. Nonetheless, there are a million reasons to be thankful this season. This challenge was to encourage us to sit for a few minutes and give thanks to our Creator for all He does for us.

So here is my list broken down…

1-5… My Faith in The Lord Jesus
His life – He fulfilled God’s righteous requirements for my benefit
His death – He willingly embraced the cross for my salvation
His Resurrection- He conquered death to empower us for life and death His Grace – It’s what calls me to him every day
His Holy Spirit – His Conviction, Encouragement, and life in me

6-18…My Family
Counting brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and of course parents.

19…My Country – The United States of America

20…Housing – Lord, watch over those in our world and country without homes today.

21…Food – I had more than I needed yesterday!!

Access – Over 2 billion people in the world still do not have access to clean drinking water
Hot Water – Try taking a cold shower this January for a month

Though I do not hear well I still have all five senses! I met someone this year without the sense of smell…

-Freedom of Worship
Freedom of Expression and Speech Freedom to Vote
Freedom to Protect Myself and Family

Local Police – Yes, they do protect us
Armed Forces and Military

Mail and Postmen
Cell Phones

Pants and Shirts Gloves

44…Job – The US has more jobs than unemployed people. I’m thankful I can work.


45…Transportation – I know hundreds who do not have a car and I see how difficult it can be here without one

46. Friends
47…Bed- I’ve slept in all kinds of places in this world…Yeah, I’m thankful for my bed!

Someone taught me how to read
Someone taught me how to write
Someone taught me the basics…math, science, history, language
Someone is there to teach me more. I’m thankful that education is accessible in this country.

52…Church – RTN is an incredible place. I’m thankful however, for more than that as I have brothers and sisters across the world that pray for me, encourage me, and give me a place to serve.

APTOPIX California Wildfires

Remembering those now homeless in California and Florida

53…The Word of God – There are still thousands and thousands that do not have access to a Bible. Thank God for ministries like The Gideons International, Wycliffe Bible Translastors, and others who make God’s Word accessible.

54…Evangelism – There are millions of people living today that have never heard the gospel and do not have access to hear it.

The gift of colors – Imagine how boring life would be…
Gardens – How awesome is it that we can grow food and plants!
Sunrises and Sunsets
Full Moons
Coolness of Fall
Warmth of Spring
Beasts, Birds, Fish, Insects

67-70… My Experiences
Places, States, and Countries where I’ve beenPeople I’ve met….Some I’ll never ever forget!

Struggles and Trials I’ve been through…they’ve built my character and strengthened my faith
Miracles that I’ve seen – Yes, my God does perform miracles

71-74… Financial Hope
I can pay my bills
Health Insurance – I don’t have to think twice if I need to see a doctor yet many still do
Gov’t Assistance – No, I don’t need it or use it but if I do I’m blessed to live in a land where it’s accessible
Advisors – I’m blessed with people who don’t want to take my money but help me make it and manage it!

Access – We have access to it and millions do not
Doctors – I’ve been to places where you’re on your own!
Hospitals – People die everyday for lack of hospitals, surgeries, and the care they provide

Refrigeration – I almost died b/c of the lack!
Microwaves – Who doesn’t like a warm meal
Washers and Driers – I’ve had to do it by hand before and millions still do Coffee Pots -I think you know…
Indoor Lighting
Power Outlets

Indoor Plumbing and City Facilities – Our sink waste, trash, recyclables, and other stuff all gets managed
Toilets – 2.3 billion do not have access to a toilet…you could have been one
Toilet Paper – Ever heard not to shake with your left hand…
Soap – Thousands died from Ebola simply b/c they did not have hand soap or sanitizer

88-90…Media and Information
Internet – We have the world and it’s history at our fingertips
Libraries –

91-95… Abundance and Choice
I choose what I want to eat everyday I choose what I wear every day
I choose my career path
I choose who and if I want to marry
I choose where I get to live


96-100…Law and Order
Checks and Balances – Our president good or bad is held accountable in the end Courts and Justice – It’s not perfect but it’s good
Food Regulations
Businesses Regulations
That new law about telemarketers!

101…Diversity – Believe me, it would be boring if we were all the same. I’m thankful for all I’ve learned and overcome from interactions with different races, cultures, and religions.

I wonder how many thousands before they got up on Black Friday said thank you to their Creator. It’s probably good for those businesses that many did not! The truth is we are so blessed to have what we have.  I believe the more we give thanks the more content we are with what we have and the more we will give to those who don’t.  I encourage you to take a few minutes to stop and give thanks this season!



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