Gilliam Springs Baptist Church

The heart of this team has shown from the minute they stepped off the bus. After engaging in the orientation and driving tour, they were ready to go for an evening prayer walk. The team split up and enjoyed walking around meeting people and seeing our different places of ministry. Another group of them went to our Wednesday night Bible Study to learn music for church on Sunday. Landon led debrief that evening where everyone talked about what they did that day and what exactly God showed them.

The next morning started with more prayer walking and preparing for the Hindu Temple tour. They went in with prayerful hearts ready for the service. It broke their hearts to see all of these people worshiping false gods but the team was able to prayer that the one true God would reach their hearts and make Himself known to the Hindu people. For their service project that afternoon they helped work with the leasing office in our complex by picking up trash. After dinner a large group went to help Pastor Bill at his garden while others went to visit church members and others to play soccer. They all came back in the evening with stories to tell and testimonies of God’s love.

The next morning went very similarly with prayer, service projects, gardening and visits. Saturday was a day for Back2School school supply handouts. The team prepared the bags for the children in our church and went out to deliver them. Everyone was so grateful for his or her gifts. After lunch they went out to have a free day and some time at Stone Mountain. The next morning they came to help us set up for church and have a time of debrief before service. This team was full of love, prayer, and energy. Thanks for your service to our community and church! We can’t wait to see you again!


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