First Baptist Church of Kershaw

After a 4 ½ hour van ride, this team pulled into the community center, all smiles. This team came in ready to go and start ministry. They were all good sports participating in orientation and then we showed them around Clarkston, the beautiful place with the beautiful people that we call home. The next morning the interns taught the team about prayer walking; how we do it and why we do it. They talked about the power of God and how we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for big things because we have a big God!


After a full morning of prayer walking then lunch we went to help a man and his ministry called Family Heritage Foundation where we helped them get all their supplies organized and helped them get ready for a block party that they were going to have that weekend. We did this the next day well, trying to pour into the people of the community and helping our brothers and sisters in Christ. In the evening we went to visit different church members and community members. Some groups were able to learn recipes and songs from all the people they visited and were able to bless them with their prayer and love. We did this Monday and Tuesday. The teams all had a great time on their respective visits! Wednesday morning the team went out to TruthTab and worked with their food ministry where they give people fresh and healthy food to feed their families. They organized food and helped people with their shopping experience. They loved working with them a lot and appreciate their ministry.



Thursday morning started again with prayer walking and meeting people along the way, sharing the gospel in word and deed. That afternoon we took them to the Hindu Temple (Mandir) in Atlanta and let them observe a prayer service while all the time praying over the people and asking God that he would show himself to them as the one, true God. After that the group split to go to some of the different shops where we have been able to build relationships. The ladies went to a Pakistani boutique to buy some clothes and continue to build relationships with shop owners while the guys walked around and met other shop owners all over Clarkston. They were also able to go to the Dekalb County Farmers Market and try food from all over the world and meet people from all over as well. After shopping was dinner and more house visits. The boys all went and played soccer with some young men in the community and had a great time with them.


Friday morning, we were sad to see them leave. They got up packed and had a time of debrief. We sent them off covered in prayer and they covered us as well. This was a fantastic, hardworking team full of energy and the love of Christ! We can’t wait to work with them again!



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