Pray For One, Pray For All

Reach The Nations was very grateful to have a group of ladies from Ingleside Baptist Church of Macon, Georgia bless us with their presence. This group was our first Mission 24 team of the summer. To begin with, we were able to tell them a little bit about Clarkston and show them around our small town. They were very interested and were already in love with the area. That evening they went to a church members house to have dinner. This was a wonderful time of community as the ladies were able to help cook the meal and fellowship with that family.


The next morning they got up and went right to doing the Lord’s work. After breakfast, we told them about the importance of prayer walking and discussed how we believe that God works through it. During our prayer walks, the ladies were able to meet lots of different people and cover our town in prayers. Their time was well-spent meeting people on the street, in the apartment complex, and in refugee-owned shops. After that we all went on a Hindu temple tour where they were able to learn about Hinduism and the best way to pray for people of that faith. It was a great time of inner thought and prayer as we experienced the time of worship inside the temple.


The group ate lunch and then went on house visits. They prayed and visited church members and community members. They learned a lot about the people in our community and how to best be able to lift them up in prayer. Then in the evening the team led a prayer meeting for the leadership team of the Reach The Nations. The ladies prayed over all the men and women that are in roles of leadership within our church and blessed them with love. The seeds of prayer that were spread on this trip will grow and prosper into beautiful, healthy lives that are willing to go and share the gospel. Thank you, Ingleside Baptist, for pouring into the lives of the people within our community and within our church leadership. Your prayers are needed and appreciated by all.



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