Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church

Team #2 was one for the books! This great group came all the way down from State Road, NC to help mobilize our ministry. They came and blessed us with their presence and we couldn’t be more grateful. Day one started with the orientation and exploration of the area and a good night’s sleep for the day ahead.


Day two started with the most important of all, prayer. The team split up and walked all over Clarkston praying for the town and it’s people. After lunch the groups split again to go and do different service projects. Some helped Pastor Bill with farm work and B&C Farms while others stayed and worked on our condo and others went and helped with a food pantry in the community. Some of the students were also able to go on house visits during that time.


Some members of the team were able to go volunteer at a local food pantry that feeds families in need.

Each thing that this team did was able to help grow our ministry. The farm and condo work will help us be able to reach more people in the community and become known by spreading the name of Jesus Christ and mobilizing our church to meet more needs in the area. Also the team was able to work together some with the youth of our church to help train and disciple them as well. They all came together that afternoon to prepare for the Vacation Bible School that they had planned. The kids started arriving at 6:00pm for a time of Bible lessons, crafts, recreations, snack time.


The rest of the week went along mostly the same with lots of prayer, hard work, and VBS, with a tour of Masjid Al-Farooq in Atlanta on Thursday. The students seemed to enjoy getting to hear about their religion and belief systems as to better understand how to witness to those of the Muslim faith. At the VBS we started with about 20 kids there and by the last night we had over 50 children coming to learn. God really worked in our church and in the community through this VBS.


Each youth on the team was able to see what God was doing in different ways whether that was prayer, service projects, or Vacation Bible School. After church on Sunday, we had to say goodbye to this amazing group of students but we continue to pray for them and their church. We also pray that we will be able to reap the harvest from the Gospel seeds that this group planted and watered.



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