Birmingham Chinese Christian Church

Our first team of the summer came and left with a BANG! We were so blessed to have the youth from Birmingham Chinese Christian Church come and spend a few days with us reaching out to the community and doing the Lord’s work.


Day one started and never slowed. The group came in with fire in their eyes and raring to go. After the orientation and tour, prep started for the evening Summer Kick-off Block Party. They set up the tent, blew up balloons, made hot dogs, and went around the apartments telling kids to come on out. We had approximately 100 kids from the community come and eat, play, and hear the gospel shared. The team had prepared a lesson and few games for the kids to play. It was fantastic!

Day two started off as most, with prayer. With such a large group, a large portion of the city was covered in prayer as students walked from the colleges, to the apartments, to the shops, to down the streets. They were all very enthusiastic in praying over the people and places that they saw on their way. The Hindu temple tour was next. The students seemed to enjoy learning about the culture that follows the Hindu religion. They learned about the belief systems of this people group and formed the best ways to pray that they may come to know our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the one, true God. After lunch, they all went out to check on and reconnect with some people that had come to a medical clinic a few weeks prior and pray for them as well as help them with any needs they may have. Then, that evening the students were split into groups and sent with an intern to make house visits. Some went to church members, and others went to neighbors and shop. It all went very well and the teams were great wherever they were sent.

Day three was started in more prayer walking as the teams went to different places to pray over. The youth packed up and then discussed all that they had done. The students did a fantastic job these days and we made sure to let them know that we appreciated their work and knew that God’s Word would not return vain but that what they did would grow and prosper. Our prayer is that many of the relationships formed by the block party and the visits would continue to flourish that we may see many more come to know Christ.




Thank you, Birmingham Chinese Christian Church, for impacting Clarkston with the gospel!


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