Multiplying Leaders and Hope in 2018

img_3435.jpgAugustine Buziraboba of Congo and Pamphile Amoloma of Central African Republic, finished out the year at RTN preaching a message of hope for 2018.  Following two break-ins in 2017 (one on Christmas Day) a message of hope and blessing was quite fitting.  Buziraboba received his Bible degree in Congo and will preach more in 2018 when he’s not translating.  Though his first language is Swahili, he gave his message in English which was then translated into French.  He and translator Amoloma have been outstanding assests towards the growth of RTN.

Amoloma arrived to the US in the spring of 2017 and is now hosting a weekly Bible Study in his home.  He is a faithful and regular attendee of RTN and serves in the minstry of translation.

As RTN moves into the Clarkston Community Center in 2018 as a regular place to gather the hope is that through the service of men like Buziraboba and Amoloma the gospel of love and hope will be heard more clearly and effectively to those in need.


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