A Double Portion of Apartments!

lakesAfter praying for several seasons at RTN, God has blessed us this month with two free apartments in Clarkston!  However, I’m amazed at what God has taught us through it.

There were once two brothers.  They were twins.  God had promised to bless the second born although traditionally the firstborn would have received the birthright.  The younger one, a deceiver, did what he did best and tricked the blind father into blessing him.  This caused a huge rift in the brothers relationship.  It happened because the younger one went about his own way to get what God was going to give him anyway.

You know, sometimes we go about our own way to get what God wanted to give us.  I regularly pray as I walk through our community.  In the spring I was praying at an apartment complex and asking God to open a door for us to do more for the people there.  I happened to run into the apt manager and she was quite happy that our church regularly prays for her community.

She later invited me to her office to hear about what we wanted to do.  I explained our vision of how God wants us to be exegetical in our approach.  That is, not to come to a community with our own plans but rather to serve the management in what ever ways they need.  She seemed profoundly curious and began to spout off a list with which she desperately needed help.

When I told her our church would like to rent an apartment in 2018 and asked about what the best rate would be she totally surprised me with her response.

“Do you have to wait until 2018,” she asked.

“No, I suppose not,” I replied.

“Because we have a rental unit that belongs to the management that I will give you rent free and utility free if you could help us.”

Needless to say, of course we took it.

A week later I was contact by a business man in a partnering church offering us a second apartment in Clarkston to be deeded to us free of charge.  After praying about this with our leadership team, we decided to accept God’s blessing.

When God told his people in the book of Jeremiah to “seek the peace and prosperity of the city I have called you to”, He was calling his people to be exegetical and to rely upon Him to make that happen.

I wonder what would have happened if we had come in with our own vision, own plans, and own ways.  I think God has brought RTN to a place where we have learned to trust God’s sovereignty enough to be exegetical.  Thus, since God has opened a door for us our plan is simple.  We will serve this community and the management and trust God with the results.

To find out how you can specifically serve with RTN in our apartment ministries please contact us at rtnatlanta@gmail.com.

Praise the Lord – Pastor Bill Johnson



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