Empowering Leaders

Adeel at ValleydaleMarking our one year anniversary of RTN’s restart in March of 2016,one of our top priorities has been the development of ethnic leadership.  It’s never been God’s will to make for quick fixes in the church, but it has always been His call to empower others.  Pastor Bill believes it is RTN’s heart to empower our people for ministry by including and inviting them into ministry opportunities.

Recently, Pastor Bill took our emerging worship leaders, Benard Dingaodande (a refugee from Chad), and Adeel Emmanuel (a refugee from Pakistan), on jourBernard at Gilliamneys to two partner churches for annual mission conferences.  Benard and Pastor Bill attended Gilliam Springs Baptist Church in Arab, AL, where they spoke to several classes about our testimonies and had various opportunities to connect with other missionaries who share their passion.  Then, two weeks later, Pastor Bill and Adeel attended Valleydale Church’s Global Mission celebration where Adeel was able to share his testimony numerous times. He was very well received by our brothers and sisters at Valleydale.

Haimie Haile recently took two of our refugee women, one from CAR, and one from Pakistan, to a conference designed to strengthen marriage roles in the homes as mothers and wives.  The intended goal will be for them to become facilitators of similar workshops through RTN.

At RTN, we are not simply about discipleship that results from sitting at another’s feet and listening.  Our core value of “missional discipleship” involves the invitation of those we disciple into ministry opportunities and experiences.  As the new leaders emerge, it’s not only important for them to understand our vision logically but to see it worked out, and realize the mechanics of how it works with the support of our partner churches.

We are grateful for our partners and give special thanks to Gilliam Springs Baptist Church and Valleydale Church, not only for welcoming our two brothers in Christ, but also receiving and assisting in our vision to develop “missional disciples” from the nations.


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