Big THANKS to Summer Teams



img_3232*Post written by our interim Teams & Volunteer Coordinator- Mary P.

This summer, Reach the Nations (RTN) had the great pleasure of hosting nine incredible teams from five different states. Many of those teams were from our partner churches or other churches who have served with us in the past, but we were also given the opportunity to build new relationships with potential partners as well. RTN has grown by leaps and bounds this summer, and that was partly due to the many hands who came alongside of us to help us do what we do. I, Mary P., personally heard expressions of thanks and exclamations of joy from our members at being remembered and served and visited by our team members. In addition to serving our church members, we were also able to make new friends and strengthen old relationships through the efforts of our short term teams.

Kershaw 2nd Baptist Church served with us at the beginning of the summer. They struck up conversations with an eagerness and joy that reflected the love of Christ. Through their efforts, several new relationships were begun. I have had the pleasure of following up with several of the families with whom they made contact during their week of service. One Muslim family to whom they connected us has heard the gospel and become connected with our Family to Family program as a direct result of their efforts.

Eyes were opened in beautiful and incredible ways when Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church came for a vision trip. I was blessed beyond measure to spend a week with this group of nine people as they explored the various ministries here in Clarkston. Hearing their reflections on their time here was like water to my soul as I watched the Lord open their eyes to the intense need for workers in our community as well as around the world. On one of the first days their trip, as we prayed, I heard one of their members plead through tears, “God, use me.” I was reminded that while these trips are greatly beneficial to our church and the ministries within it, they also serve a greater purpose in breaking down barriers and educating church members about cultures, religions, and God’s will in bringing them all together in one place.


Reach the Nations is incredibly grateful to everyone who gave of their time to work with us this summer. Whether it was for one day or six days, you made a difference, and our church as well as God’s Kingdom greatly benefited from your selfless service. Thank you!!!


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