An Important Decision

Amy_AndreOne of our oldest RTN youth recently made the most important decision of his life. Andre decided to give his life to Christ. For a few weeks Andre has asked if there would be a time he and I could talk about what’s going on in his heart. I’ve seen a lot of spiritual growth in Andre and can really see that he understands what it means to give his life to the Lord. Andre approached me on Sunday and said, “Ms. Amy, I understand what Jesus did for me like we talked about in class. Can we talk today?” He said he would like to talk and pray with our Sunday school class after worship. Later in the morning, when the kids were sitting together in class Andre shared what was on his heart. Each student in our little room sat silently (a rare occurrence) in a circle and listened as Andre spoke and while I reminded them what it means to give your life to Christ. In the most sincere, but simple way Andre explained that he knows he has sin is his heart and understands that Jesus is the only way to make him right with God. He shared that he would like to see Jesus one day in heaven. We all held hands and bowed our heads while Andre prayed. When finished I hugged my new brother, both of us with moist eyes! We ended our church service with Andre sharing with the church his decision to follow Christ and his desire to be baptized. We were very thankful that Andre’s proud mother, Moambi, was able to attend that Sunday to celebrate with us!

Andre has shown an admirable amount of spiritual growth and maturity over the past few months. It has been fun watching him try to apply spiritual truths into his daily life! Please pray with us that the Lord will provide Christian mentors and/or Sunday teachers to a few of our youth who are learning how to live out the gospel, study the word of God, and understand how the Hold Spirit works in our lives. These kids have a desire to remain solid witnesses in their schools and communities, but this often comes as a huge challenge!


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