Camp pic 2The RTN kids enjoyed a wonderful week of camp that exceeded all campers’ expectations! Eight year old Banane’s wish going into camp was to get to do a cannonball in the pool. Just one cannonball and he would be content. Banane got to do his cannonball along with a mixture of soccer, rope courses, music, canoeing, archery, rock climbing, games, and Bible stories. Not one student left a day of Camp-All-American disappointed. The van rides back to Clarkston were quite energetic as kids shared stories from their day and tried to see who could best remember their teams’ chant. (I think Ms. Amy has them all memorized by now!)

camp pic 4

“The most meaningful part for me as their teacher was knowing that every day our kids were surrounded by a great group of peers and counselors who were pouring in spiritually to our students. They had such a rich experience! Thank you for investing in the lives of our kids by helping make our week at camp possible! Several of us are already talking about next year!”

-Amy Berry, Children’s Coordinator

camp pic 5


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