The Glory of God in Fiji

Pastor Ame 2 In February, Pastor Kumar was able to visit RTN Fiji when he escorted Bro. Richard‘s body back to his homeland.  Although he has kept in touch with Pastor Ame since leaving the newly planted church in November, nothing compares to seeing the encouraging reports become real as he met the new church members, made visits in the Navakai community, and help organize an after-hours bible study in the newly established internet cafe.

During his short trip, Pastor Kumar made the most of his time with the community of Navakai.  He attended their weekly Bible study where he encouraged members by casting an 18-month vision plan for them to follow.  Pastor Kumar em phasized the need to make disciples witCommunity_fijihin their community and have new followers become members of the house fellowship.  As the house fellowship grows, Pastor Kumar encouraged them to multiply and begin a new house fellowship, instead of focusing on building a church building.  Pastor Kumar also went on several home visitations with Pastor Ame to encourage community members to attend bible study.  Finally, Pastor Kumar visited the internet cafe he established on his last visit and has his step-brother managing.  His plan for the internet cafe was to be an avenue to meet new people and have gospel centered conversations that turn into another bible study.

To date the RTN Fiji has twenty-one members meeting each week for bible study and fellowship.  Unfortunately, last week during the home fellowship group the police came and tried to stop services.  Pastor Ame must now register the church so they can continue to gather together.  Additionally, the internet cafe now has a bible study that meets after-hours with 3-4 people.  However, business has been slow in recent months.
Fiji Internet Shop
Please Pray:

  • The registration process will go smoothly and that the believers will be able to continue to meet
  • Pray for business to grow for at the internet cafe
  • Pray for the harvest that they would have open hearts and ears to hear
  • Pray for more workers to help Pastor Ame.  Consider going with Pastor Kumar when he returns to Fiji to encourage and teach June 2016

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