Healing: Meet Richard


Richard (pictured on the left), a native of Fiji, first came to the United States in 1989.  He attended Carver Bible College in Atlanta but later drifted from his God given purpose.  Richard was soon diagnosed with diabetes and spent the next several years learning to adjust to this new lifestyle of coping with a chronic disease.

Then, three yeas ago, the unthinkable happened.  Richard lost his eye sight as a result of the disease.  One night, at 3am, Pastor Kumar (pictured on the right) received a phone call from the local police department.  Richard needed help and for someone to show him the love of Christ.  Without hesitation, Pastor Kumar invited Richard to stay with him and his family.  Along with a place to stay, Pastor Kumar was able to provide counseling and transportation to doctor appointments.  Through the process, Richard began to heal spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Soon he began attending RTN with Pastor Kumar’s family.

As the body of RTN began to embrace and demonstrate God’s love to Richard, they also began to pray and fast for his healing.  In January, Richard was given hope of obtaining his eyesight once again through eye surgery.  Continuing to pray, RTN believed God would work a miracle in Richard’s life and that his sight would be restored.  Finally, on January 27, 2014, Richard was able to see his friend and brother in Christ for the first time!

Today, Richard continues to struggle with diabetes due to years of improper medical treatment, which has taken a toll on his body. His Dialysis still continues three times a week.  In fact, he has recently been put on a list for a kidney transplant.  Due to this he applied and was awarded a matching grant of up $10,00 by the Georgia Kidney Transplant Foundation to help cover the cost of medicine, travel, and lodging expenses.  Richard now has one year to raise funds which are held in an account by the foundation until needed.

If Richard’s story has touched your heart and you would like to make a donation to help supplement the cost of his transplant, then please click on the donate button to the left of this page and preference Richard.

“My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.” Job 42:5



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