Upcoming Events and Prayer Request

Youth Class

RTN began a youth class in January that meets on Sunday mornings to initiate what hopes to develop into a youth ministry. RTN does not have youth workers at the moment but is keeping it’s eyes open and invitations out. Please pray for the development of this ministry.

New Members Class

On March 29th at 5:30pm, RTN will be hosting a new members dinner for anyone interested in learning more about RTN and/or becoming a member. As RTN seeks to fulfill our vision, we hopes that dedicated and like hearted believers would find a church home here. RTN believes in the unity of believers across ethnic lines and believes in family as a church body. The dinner will serve to welcome new members and to hopefully demonstrate the dedication RTN puts forth into the spiritual development and fellowship of the members. Discipleship Training On April 26, RTN will be hosting a church-wide discipleship training. Pursuing a call to make disciples who will make disciples,we hope to raise up believers dedicated to the Great Commission.


Pastor Bill Johnson attended the missions conference at FBC Montgomery last month while Pastor Kumar attended a Gilliam Spring’s Baptist Church mission conference in hopes to strengthen the partnership between the three. As RTN moves forward, it will be cutting back on the number of different entities that send teams and focusing more on working with committed partners. To work in an international community requires relationships to be built, a near impossible thing to accomplish in a one-time trip. Partnerships include financial support, ministry support, praying and connections in missions. Different churches partner in different ways, but relationships are the key. Pastor Kumar worked to strengthen the relationship with Heritage Hills Baptist Church on March 2nd.  Pastors Bill Johnson and Tegga Lendado spent time this month at a missions conference in Birmingham with Valleydale Baptist Church. Please pray that these partnerships will develop which is crucial in the early years of church planting.


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