Several Sundays ago RTN rejoiced together as three members were baptized. We wanted to share their stories with you. Pray with us for each member as they continue to grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ. To Him be the Glory!

Sister SB is from the State of Eritrea. She belongs to the Kunama tribe which inhabits the Barentu region near Sudan. She comes from a traditional Roman Catholic background but she said, “ I was not born again. I was just a traditional believer. I did not have the essence of Christ’s life in me”.

Since the beginning of the Ethio-Eritrean war in 1998, she had been moving from one place to another with her 4 children. She finally ended up in a refugee camp in Ethiopia where she was told about new life in Christ. “Then I gave my life to Him but nobody taught me properly like you are doing here in this church”, said SB when Pastor Tegga asked her why it took her so long to be baptized.

Among her children is a very bright 9 year old girl who attends Sunday School at RTN. When she heard of the upcoming baptism service in the church she asked why she could not be baptized. When asked, “Do you really believe in Jesus and know Him well?” Her answer was astounding, “Of course!” After about 15 minutes of discussion, Pastor Tegga led her to Christ. The girl, N, joined her mother in baptism. (You believe, you and your household shall be saved). What a joy for this family!

Also, baptized was D. D is from a family of five with a Buddhist believing background. D’s journey of faith began back in Nepal where he was in a refugee camp. Once coming to America three years ago, he began attending the First South Asian Church of Atlanta, which was led by Pastor Kumar. Pastor Kumar began discipling D and soon D began following Jesus. However, D began to experience persecution from his family and friends-something very real in other parts of the world but also right here in Clarkston. Although D is hiding his Bible in black plastic when he comes to church so no one will see and tell his family, he was full of joy the day of his Baptism and confident in his new life as a believer. For the first time D was able to participate in the Lord’s Supper. Please pray for D’s family that they too will come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Pray that D is able to stand firm in the midst of persecution and that he is able to bear witness.

RTN Member Pic


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