Tipping Our Hat…

In recent weeks, RTN has experienced the strong contribution of incoming teams serving the Clarkston area and the vision of RTN to partner with Christ in seeing all Nations represented at the throne.

Bringing in teams is not only about multiplying hands to tackle what would otherwise weigh heavily on high stacked shoulders, it is also about handing a mirror to hundreds of hands and sending them out reflecting the same image, vision, and message. Their service is practical, intentional, and powerful.

The prints left behind are numerous.

Winthrop University, and South Carolina state did an incredible job with some renovations to RTN’s facility as they cleaned out rooms, built shelves, and helped to put together a much needed office for the use of RTN’s patiently persevering trio of pastors!
Armstrong University of Savannah were serious prayer warriors and saw two people come to Christ.  Piedmont College, and Clayton State BCM left behind significant contributions as well and RTN is deeply encouarged by their involvement.
Georgia Southern helped significantly with work projects at the Jolly Avenue Community Garden touching the lives of 77 greatly benefitting refugee families. One of the garden’s refugees, Yisa*, was present for both the morning devotional around the fire and the afternoon workday. Sensing an opportunity waiting for her, one of  GSU’s brave team members left the garden with Yisa* to visit for a time with her in her apartment across the street. Upon returning, she was equipped with stories and customs of weddings in Nepali culture and a new friendship with Yisa, who surprisingly returned with a piping hot pot of chai tea in hand ready to serve all 20+ volunteers in the wind and cold. A testimony of healing  through the mighty power of Jesus was shared with Yisa* as everyone enjoyed her steamy gift and listened in.
The ministry in Yisa’s life is being continued through one of RTN’s members. Even while riding in the backseat of this RTN member’s car to a Dr.’s appointment, Yisa* received a text from her “American Ama”, or American mother, reaching out to her weeks after her special visit in Yisa’s apartment. What a blessing it was to the RTN member who is continuing this relationship to see the diligence of follow through and the constant mirroring of the love of ONE to this Hindu gardener.
We are one body with many members.

1 Corinthians 12:27 “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”


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