Taxes A Little Less Taxing

It’s tax season and the roads have begun their annual tribute of green balloons and promises of hopeful returns at a low, low price. RTN joined in the practicality of it all as a host of forms and computers filled the sanctuary along with some very knowledgeable and receptive smiles welcoming the foreigner and bewildered tax payers alike. On February 9th, RTN partnered with FBC Montgomery to hold a Tax Day serving the refugee and American community with free tax preparations, turning out to be a huge relief for many!

FBC Montgomery really pulled out the stops in bringing their experienced team of CPA’s with lifetimes of experience to walk those without through this “taxing” process. Oddly, the refugees were not only those served as several young, single, and married American’s serving in ministry filed in for this awesome gift. When the refugees, full of preconceived ideas and misconceptions regarding the involvement of government and other related fears did not show up as hoped, the team took to the streets bringing them in! It was such a testimony of servanthood to see this team who came with everything prepared, already sacrificing their time, then willingly go out to bring in the one’s unsure of their gesture of service.

Sadly, many refugees are not aware that with an income of a certain range, they are granted a free tax preparation, and thus have been “taken” by friends of a friend who have charged as much as $150.00 to do so. RTN was very happy, along with the help of FBC Montgomery, to step in and help as possible while connecting the community with the opportunity and awareness of a local body.

Donna Conte of FBC Montgomery offers her own perspective from within the walls of RTN that day…

“I was pretty much stuck in the room with the computer all day, so I didn’t get to go out and find or talk to refugees that much. I was touched by how RTN was so perceptive and obedient to what the Lord was doing and calling them to do. I was really touched by the story of the man who had just been released from prison in (another country) and RTN was being the hands and feet of Jesus to him. It didn’t seem to matter to them, what he had done in the past, just that they could share a tangible expression of Jesus’ love with him. It was so refreshing and inspiring to me to see those involved in RTN so focused and sold out to Jesus.”

RTN would like to say thank you to those who served in making Tax Day possible and filled the room with the warmth of Christ while meeting the practical needs of the Nations and those in ministry.


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