A Whirlwind Mission to Fiji

While on a recent trip to Fiji, Pastor Kumar and his family had a bit of an added surprise to their original agenda of leadership training within the local church. “My Heart is always in fiji where my people constantly suffer disasters such as hurricanes and floods,” says Kumar from his own recent interactions with angry hurricane Evan.

Since Fiji is in hurricane season between September and January, the family was greeted by a wind force between 155 km/ hr and 230 km/ hr. “It was a huge one and all the trees and houses were flattened,” remarks Kumar. He adds, “I know the Lord was causing me to be present for my people in Fiji and that is why I was in the middle of the hurricane at that time.” Pastor Kumar confidently states that this was a key purpose in his 2012-2013 mission to the Island from which he is a native. Thankfully, the family was able to pass out some much needed supplies to local families and schools during this difficult time.

Pastor Kumar asks that all would be in prayer for Evan’s imprint on the land and Fijian people so near to his heart.


Ashleigh and Pastor Kumar giving school supplies to native Fijians with little remaining after the disaster.


Ashliegh giving school supplies to a student whose parents lost everything in the hurricane.


Pastor Kumar giving school supplies to native Fijians who had lost most of their belongings to Hurricane Evan.

We, at RTN, thank you in advance for praying according to God’s own heart for the people of Fiji.


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