In their Shoes

To come from a small town in West Virginia to the most ethnically diverse square mile in the US is not an easy leap to make, but this small youth group from First Baptist Church Hinton did just that. They stepped out of their comfort zones and experienced things they never thought they would inside the borders of the United States. They learned a lot about how internationals live and what the life of a refugee is like. “I learned what it was like to put myself in someone else’s shoes,” said Russel. The team participated in many activities including visiting the homes of refugees, putting on Backyard Bible Clubs for the children and prayer walking.
During the week, the group was also given the opportunity to visit the huge Swaminarayan Mandir, the largest Hindu temple of its kind outside of India. During the visit, the team saw the dedication and sincerity of the Hindu people as they came to worship the idols. Their eyes were opened to the spiritual warfare that goes on in the temple, as well as in the community of Clarkston.
The team learned a lot during the week about different cultures. At times it was difficult for them to simply sit around someone’s house with minimal conversation or to eat strange foods, but they learned to adapt. A big theme of their time on missions was the two major rules of missions—flexibility and perseverance.


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  1. Bill Thanks for as great trip…below is a link to the video slideshow that I made from our pictures…

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