Coming Together!

Reach the Nations Community Church celebrated its first come together service on February 5th.  House groups came together to celebrate the One who can bring the nations together.  That One is Jesus!  His name was praised through songs in 5 languages.  Attendance reached 45 as members celebrated the Lord’s Supper, Worship, and a brief message by Pastor Bill Johnson.  Pastors Tegga Lendado, Anuj Kumar, and Simon Tamang served the Lord’s supper and lead in prayer and worship.  The majority of the service happened in English and was translated into Hindi.

The message given was on Jesus’ prayer in the garden, “that they may be one…” (John 17:21).  Jesus said that the world would know that He was from the Father when His disciples act as one.  Such a prayer is desperate considering that the majority of the members are refugees and are in the country due to ethnic genocide, cleansing, political and religious persecution.  As RTN asks the Father to bring the nations together as one church, RTN hopes to be a testimony of Christ’s love and power in the world.  RTN seeks to enlist 200 prayer partners before Spring to support this effort.

The service was followed up by a fellowship meal that was as diverse as the crowd that gathered.  RTN looks forward to coming together every two weeks to celebrate the diversity and oneness but is limited to first Sundays at the moment due to a lack of space to meet in.  RTN has five house groups that meet throughout the city of Stone Mountain, Clarkston, and Snellville on Sundays and Wednesdays every week.

RTN has been able to share the Gospel with those who have never heard that live in the community.  As seeds begin to be reaped and sowed, the goal of RTN is to see every member being ready to make disciples and be available for ministry.  Seven teams are joining RTN between now and April and RTN members are being trained and prepared to respond.

RTN is looking forward to coming days when more and more nations gather together and worship the Savior of the World!


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  1. This is awesome! i cannot wait to be there this summer to worship with my brothers and sisters from the nations! Praying!!!!!

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