Giving Thanks

Pastors Tegga Lendado and Anuj Kumar share a moment of joy during RTN’s Thanksgiving celebration.  RTN has much to be thankful for as God continues to bless the ministry with new people and partners.  Fifty people showed up to celebrate Thanksgiving with an international flavor.  Attendees sampled a wide variety of international foods and of course the traditional turkey and dressing…some for the first time!

“We are so blessed to see God bringing the nations together for His name,” says Pastor Bill Johnson.  “Only Christ can do that.  Many that came have lost everything; family, home, land,  country and yet are still thankful.  Their faith is so strong.  This Thanksgiving shows that.”

Gathered at the feast were ethnic backgrounds of Ethiopian, Nepalese, Indian, Chin, Karen, Burmese, Eritria, African American and Caucasian Americans.  RTN is not only seeking to reach out to the refugee and international communities, but is seeking to be a light to every race of people in the community.

RTN is seeking to start two new Bible Study groups in the new year; an Amharic study (a common language of Eritrea and Ethiopia) and an advanced English Bible Study.  Between English and Hindi, four house groups exist already.  RTN seems to be developing into a church that is not only diverse in culture and ethnicity, but in age.  Because of that, RTN is planning to begin reaching out to younger generations such as youth and young adults as they seek God’s guidance.

As God continues to bless, RTN remains thankful.

“We are so thankful,” says Pastor Bill Johnson, “for the partners, the short-term teams, the prayers, and the support.  All of this would not be possible apart from it.  And of course, we are thankful for our great God.”


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