Standing Up For Jesus

Not many people would be willing to give up one of the last weeks of their summer to go on a mission trip and minister to international refugees, but this group from Kershaw 2nd Baptist were fortunate exceptions.  During the week of July 16-23, this group of twenty people spent their time showing the love of Jesus to the refugees of the area.  This group participated in Backyard Bible Clubs, prayer walking, and house-visiting, as well as putting on a block party for the children in one of the apartment complexes where RTN ministers.  They also had an opportunity early on in the week to visit the huge Swaminarayan Hindu temple, which really helped them realize what kind of spiritual warfare they were up against.

Every morning, this team was able to go prayer walking around the apartment complexes where they served during the days, which is always a big help. Prayer walking doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but it lays the foundation for the greatest results in RTN’s ministry.  In the afternoons and evenings, the people from Kershaw were given the opportunities to interact with the internationals, and many made lasting connections with the families with whom they came into contact.  On Thursday, July 21, in preparation for the block party the team brought an array of foods including vegetables, chicken, hot dogs, and rice.  At the end of the night, when the block party was finished, and the team was cleaning up the food, only one handful of rice was left.  Roughly two hundred people attended the block party, and because of that, many new contacts were made.  As a result of these contacts, some of the team members were invited into homes for longer visits and even meals.

“Where else can you drive four hours and eat in Nepal?” said Alan, one of the members of Kershaw 2nd Baptist after eating dinner with a Nepalese family.  This team made a lasting impact for God’s Kingdom in their one week in Clarkston, Georgia.  They learned valuable lessons about local missions, and they built relationships that will last.  RTN is grateful for the work that they did and their passion for reaching others for Christ.


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