Praise the Lord

“Prayer is a warfare weapon.” said Austin, an upcoming senior in the youth group of Ebenezer Baptist Church.  He, along with twelve other students and youth workers, drove two hours to Clarkston in order to assist in reaching out to the international refugees of the area.  “The diversity and culture of the area is really cool,” continued Austin, “I like that you can stay in the country while feeling like you are going out of the country.”  The team did an excellent job of interacting with the children of the area. They came prepared with their youth praise band, who engaged the children with fun songs that they could dance to; stories that they acted out, and so much candy that they were struggling to get rid of it all.  Some of the students even brought along some magic tricks to perform for the children, and a few people from the group helped with the English as a Second Language ministry. Everyone who came did an excellent job at whatever they did.

On their first day out in Clarkston, after prayer walking, the students led a Backyard Bible Club. Not too long after

arriving at the apartment complex, the students learned the importance of flexibility on a mission trip.  Rain began to pour down, forcing the students, as well as some of the refugee children and parents, to find cover from the rain. As they waited for the rain to stop, the group shared the story of Noah and the ark.  The children stayed interested, and as soon as the story was over, the rain let up.  God provided a captive audience for the students of Ebenezer Baptist Church.

The next day, at another Backyard Bible Club, as the story began, some of the young men from the group noticed an older boy in the audience,who seemed uninterested in the story for the little children, so they pulled him aside.  After speaking to him for a while, they discovered that he was a Muslim. They were able to tell him about their God and then compare and contrast what they believed with what he believed. The boy was amazed to hear of the relationship a person can have with the God of the Bible as opposed to the impersonal god of the Koran.  He seemed genuinely interested in what the boys from Ebenezer Baptist Church believed, and though he did not pray to accept Christ that day, the seed was planted.  RTN is grateful to Ebenezer’s youth group for coming to serve, and the seeds they planted will be watered.  RTN looks forward to watching the seeds grow and blossom as the Lord’s work is done.


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