Sharing the Good Hope of the Gospel

“No matter what culture, custom or part of the world you come from, we’re all the same,” said fourteen-year-old Jensen when she, and some other people from Good Hope Baptist Church drove out daily to reach out to the community of Clarkston in the afternoons of Monday, June 27 through Thursday, June 30.  Some of the people in this particular group were given the opportunity to help teach English to international refugees in RTN’s new ESL ministry while the rest of the group put on a Backyard Bible Club for the children in the area.  They were very enthusiastic, and the children at each apartment complex absolutely adored them.  Those who helped with ESL did a wonderful job as well.

Each day, this group was prepared with a different craft and story for the children to enjoy.  Stories included Father Abraham, Isaiah’s prophecy of the Christ to come, the Christmas Story, and the Gospel Presentation.  The group seemed to grasp hold of the children’s attention as they taught them each day of Jesus’s love for them and the Good News He provided.  After telling the story, the children were given a snack to reward them for listening and participating in the craft.  Following the snacks, soccer balls, jump ropes and bubbles were brought out for some fun and games.  One night, the team even brought out water balloons for some extra fun.

As the week went on, the refugee children became more and more attached to the team, and the members of the team, likewise, fell in love with the people, especially the children, of the area.  When the inevitable end to the week came, the members of Good Hope Baptist Church were not ready to go.  Tears were shed for the relationships that were made and for the friends they might never see again.  The Lord did a mighty work in the hearts and lives of those who came to serve as well as in those to whom they came to serve. “I’ve fallen in love with them.” said Kelly.  This team made a lasting impact for the kingdom of God in the community of Clarkston, Georgia, and the RTN team is grateful that they came to serve.


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