Double Rainbow All the Way – God Sends His Blessing

On Friday, June 24 and Saturday, June 25, a group from Annie Mary Baptist Church made a trip out to Clarkston.  This particular group included diverse age groups.  It seemed like someone from every age group was in attendance.  This group did a very good job of playing with the refugee children, and they even got the opportunity to put on a block party for them in addition to the usual activities in which the Mission-24 groups participate. 

On Friday, the previously planned block party had to be postponed due to severe rain.  Though the gray clouds covered the Clarkston area, the light of the Lord shone through the people from Annie Mary’s mission group.  The next morning, the church group was hard at work praying for the people in the area, and then again as they made a second attempt at their block party.  Cotton candy, snow cones, a jumping castle and popcorn were only a few of the things that attracted children to the block party on Saturday afternoon.  At the block party, the group came prepared with games and a Bible story for the children. One of the men in the group even played the guitar.  The children all seemed to be very receptive to the message and they were very excited about singing along with the guitar.  The block party was a big hit with the children as well.

After the block party, the group went around to various complexes to visit some of the refugees in the area.  They really enjoyed the interaction with the internationals.  Directly following house visits, the group got back together and prepared to return home.  As the members of the group spoke with one another about what had happened, a rainbow appeared in the sky, and a second rainbow followed.  God’s blessing was truly on this trip, and they were greatly reminded of this blessing as they looked in the sky and saw that double rainbow.


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