Time Well-Spent

On Monday, June 20, a youth choir from University Baptist Church spent the afternoon with the RTN team.  This group was only in for four hours, and so had less time than most teams to get work done.  However, they engaged in similar activities with the refugees as the groups who have an entire weekend to minister.  This group spent most of their time prayer walking, but some people were invited into homes.  At one of the apartment complexes, a group ended up playing games with the children.  Once a game of duck-duck-goose was started, children began coming from all over the complex to join the game.  

This choir from University Baptist Church made a large impact on the Clarkston area.  They seemed to connect with the children in a special way, and evidence was abundant that the refugees touched the hearts and lives of the members of the choir.  RTN focuses not only on the influence of the group on the community, but also the impact on the teams that come.  The choir’s eyes were opened to the reality of God’s work in Clarkston.  RTN is always grateful for groups that come out, no matter how short the stay.


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