College Ministries

On June 3-5, the college ministry from First Baptist Church Montgomery came out and helped minister to the refugees in some housing complexes.  On Friday, they went out to Woodside Village and spent some time getting to know the people in the complex and playing with the children.  They served rice and played football with the older boys as well.  During that time, the college students came in contact with about sixty or more refugees. 

The next morning was spent prayer walking around various strategic locations throughout the community.  Some students were invited into homes.  Later that afternoon, students visited refugees in their homes.  One group met an Eritrean woman who had many health problems and did not speak much English.  The students prayed for her various medical problems, and then discovered that she was in need of a microwave.  Two of the people who were with the group later went out and bought the microwave for her. 

Following the house visits, students went back to the various locations around the community and lead Backyard Bible Clubs, complete with a skit, crafts, snacks, and games, and there were many children in attendance.


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