Internationals Ministering to Internationals

On May 21, a group of international believers from First Baptist Church Montgomery came out to the Atlanta area to aid in ministering to the refugees in the area.  They were a very effective team. Because they, themselves, are former refugees, this group was able to better empathize with those whom they were trying to reach. They had been through some of the same things the local refugees had experienced.

The international group from First Baptist Church was able to prayer walk around one of the housing complexes, and while there, they met a man from Iraq named Ali, who was a Muslim.  He was amazed that these people wanted to go around and pray for other people.  He stayed with the group for the rest of the day, eating with them, and then helping run a Backyard Bible Club in the late afternoon and evening.  Through this ministry, the gospel was presented to Ali by the end of the day.  When talking to Bill Johnson, the Missions Connections Specialist for the Stone Moutain Baptist Association, Ali said, “I’ve been here twelve months and have not been happy, but today, I am very happy.”

RTN welcomes international believers because they are able to better relate to the refugees in these housing complexes, which, in turn, enables the gospel to be spread more quickly and effectively to the people to whom RTN tries to minister.


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