Women’s Ministry and RTN

Those who grew up in a house that has many daughters and sisters have, at some point in time, probably heard the following phrase: “It’s such a man’s world.”  Perhaps learning to simply agree and go on ones way is often the best response.  Men simply will not win that argument should they choose to engage despite many changes to modern culture.  Yet has it ever occurred to the much male dominated world, and in some cases church, that the first person (according to John 20) to see Jesus after His resurrection and receive the most important task in the world was, in fact, a woman?  Could it be that God used a part of the resurrection story to tell us that he has a special call that includes both genders?

The women’s ministry of the Stone Mountain Baptist Association certainly embraces that privilege.  In a recent international pastors and wives fellowship meal, the Women’s Ministry not only served dinner but shared how important women are in spreading the gospel.  As pastors and their wives gathered, testimonies from several women were given about the recent Building Bridges ministry that has already become fruitful towards sharing the gospel.  Other testimonies were given about the mission trips and service projects the Women’s Ministry has been a part of and is planning on continuing.

The meeting was held to honor the wives of the pastors and to issue a call to Christian women of all nations to join the ministry of sharing the good news.  Many women arriving as immigrants and refugees into America come from extremely male- oriented cultures.  This has even played out in many churches.  But as RTN seeks to plant a new church that focuses on every member being gifted for service, the Women’s Ministry of the Association helps cast that vision.

The Women’s Ministry has participated in several international community events including a health fair, a Thanksgiving celebration, Backyard Bible Clubs, an intro to American foods day and Building Bridges.  The ministry has adopted Clarkston and Stone Mountain as it’s focus this year with intentions to build lasting relationships among the international community and create a stronger bond of Christian sisterhood across ethnic lines- a sisterhood bonded by carrying out the call given to a woman 2000 years ago.

To find out more about how to be involved in the Women’s Ministry contact Bessie Bell at bessiebell@bellsouth.net.


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