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Spring break is usually for beaches, parties, vacations, and often just getting sanity back for most college students.  For the students of Georgia Tech’s BCM however, part of it is for serving the Lord.  Megan Cosby, BCM International Student Minister, lead the team of students on a three day investment to work with RTN.  The team did the normal, but effective, prayer walking, Backyard Bible Clubs, and house visits and left RTN with a wide open door for ministry in a new apartment comlex.  “We really enjoyed our time with [RTN] and with the people,” said Cosby.  Missionaries and volunteers from RTN have already begun ESL, house visits, and relationship building as a result of the GT team.  Aaliyah Delenfield*, with RTN, answered a welcome the following Wednesday into two Somalian homes on a continual basis to teach English.  When word got out about RTN’s effort to plant a new multi-ethnic church in Stone Mountain during the Backyard Bible Clubs,  RTN to began receieve phone calls from residents the day after on when and where this would take place.

Students from GT focused it’s prayer walking largely upon the apartment grounds and among two local colleges nearby that currently have no campus ministries.  It is part of RTN’s hopes to begin campus ministry among these two vastly diverse campuses in the future.  To have a college team pray for a new ministry on an unreached campus is a serious prayer effort.   

Along with worshipping with French International Baptist Church, GT formed relationships with local pastors.  As always, local pastors with RTN have already gathered to discuss follow up and strategy among the work from GT.  The apartment complex was targeted due to new incoming refugee families and a gospel presence and Bible Study already taking place through RTN’s South Asian leader, Anuj Kumar.  GT celebrated with some of these families over tea late on Monday evening.

Pastor Anuj Kumar said in the follow up meeting, “When outside teams come, the people want to listen to what they have to say.  It is a valuable thing for them to come.”  Georgia Tech’s BCM has, as many, played a small but key role in the strategy of reaching the nations and spreading the good news to those who have yet to hear.

*Names changed for security purposes


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  1. Thanks for the great article! We are glad to hear of all the follow-up that is taking place. Many of our students continue to share positive feedback with me about their experience in Clarkston and with RTN. May God continue to bless you in your work!

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