Troy University “Keeping It 100”

According to the Urban Dictionary, “to keep it 100” is to “keep yourself real and true.” Members from the Troy University BCM huddled up with all hands in and let out a “keep it 100” as they gave up their spring break to minister among those looking and seeking for “real truth”. The team, lead by Campus Minister Brad Bensinger, started off everyday with prayer and devotions as they prepared to engage in a variety of ministries including prayer walking, after-school programming, back-yard Bible clubs, apartment set ups for incoming refugees, and bringing gifts of welcome to refugee families who recently entered the country. As RTN hopes and prays for a house church movement to take place in Clarkston and Stone Mountain, short term teams like Troy play a crucial role in sowing seeds of prayer and God’s Word in a widely diverse mission field. Partnering with pastors Anuj Kumar from Fiji and Amrit Thapa from Nepal, the Troy BCM team played a valuable part in opening the door for future ministry to new arriving families. As RTN prepares for an eventful spring and summer of incoming teams, Troy University paved the way. From eating curry and drinking Chai, to learning new phrases in several languages, Troy definitely “kept it 100” in becoming all things to all people and setting a missional example of what God can do through short-term teams who are willing to give their all to Christ and extend arms of love to reach the nations.


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